Buck J

The crew over at Nelson is fabulous! They are always a pleasure to work with.

Nelson Personnel is very personable; I never feel like I’m a cog in the machine when interacting with them. I always have a meaningful “Hey, how are you?” kind of conversation when I drop by their place to grab my checks. I’m always a person when it comes to dealing with the folks at Nelson.

As a company, Nelson is also consistently professional. From the get-go they’ve stayed very much up to date with not only how the company I’m temped out to treats me, but also about how things are going from my own point of view. That kind of circumspect care means a ton to me, and gives me an overwhelming confidence that I’m hooked up with a great staffing agency.

They’re more than fair, which can be a hit and miss with other staffing agencies. They lay things out in a straight up, down-to-earth way that’s as understandable as it is useful. Instead of just throwing a bunch of policies at you, these people actually take time to explain what you need to know in order to be successful at your job. They know their stuff!

These things will keep me coming back to this staffing agency. Thank you, Nelson!