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Finding A Job

Job hunting can be difficult these days. If you are looking for a job, let us help you look! We have connections and the expertise to help you find what you are looking for, whether you are looking for a temporary, part-time, or full time position.

We are always looking for quality candidates here at Nelson Personnel! If you would like to see our available positions, visit our Current Openings page! Feel free to scan through what we currently have available and apply by downloading our application.


Temporary positions provide a high level of flexibility. Working with Nelson Personnel on a temporary basis will give you a variety of experience as you work through different assignments with different companies. If your resume needs a boost, temporary jobs are an ideal way to add skills and experience. According to the American Staffing Association, 70% of the temporary employees working with personnel companies say that they gain new, valuable skills during their assignment.


Want to make sure that where you work is a good fit before you make a long term commitment? When you work with Nelson Personnel in a temporary-to-hire position, you are able to decide whether or not a particular work environment meets all of your professional goals and requirements. After your trial period (usually after 520 working hours), if you and the company are satisfied, you can choose to accept a job offer. If you decline, you can continue to work with Nelson Personnel at different client locations. 90% of companies use temporary employees, and millions of workers find full-time employment through temporary placements each year. Even though temping may seem like a step down from full-time employment, it actually can be a step through the door to becoming hired full-time.


Don’t want to commit to a full-time position? Consider a part-time job to help you pay the bills. Part-time opportunities give you insight into a company and the field in which you’re interested in working. They can prepare you for full-time opportunities, giving you experience which can translate into a stronger resume and better opportunity for landing the job you really want. Beyond strengthening you as a candidate, part-time jobs also enable you to decide if the field of work is something you truly want to pursue.

The Application Process

Since Nelson Personnel is a local business serving Missoula and the surrounding area, we have our pulse on the job market! Once you go through our seven-step interview process, Nelson Personnel will actively work to match your qualifications to available jobs.

You can take the first step to becoming a candidate with us by downloading our application!

Download an Application Here!


Included materials:

  • Application (Must be filled out completely regardless of whether the information is on your resume. If you do not fill the application out completely, you will be asked to complete it before your interview. Your interview may be delayed or rescheduled as a result)
  • Background/Experience Assessment Sheet
  • Your authorization for us to check your employment references


The Interview

Setting Up An Appointment

Anyone who applies for employment through Nelson Personnel must be interviewed by a Professional Employment Consultant. The best way to arrange an appointment is to call our office at (406) 543-6033. Upon receiving your call, we will schedule you for an interview. You can also schedule an interview upon submitting your application for review. Applications may be submitted in person, or emailed to

What To Bring To The Interview

  • 1 completely filled out application
  • 1 hard copy of your resume
  • 3 business/professional references

Allow for 1 hour to complete the interview process.

What To Wear

You have already made an impression based on how you’re dressed before you even speak to your interviewer. We recommend all candidates to dress professionally, dressing for the job you want! Dressing this way represents respect for the interviewer, yourself and the business. Your professionalism shows you want to be taken seriously.

Tips on dressing for your interview:

  • General:
    • Dress appropriately for the position you are interviewing for.
    • Wear clothes that fit properly.
    • Avoid loud colors and flashy patterns
    • Clothing should be nicely pressed and clean.
    • Pay special attention to personal hygiene (wear deodorant, brush teeth, make sure hair is neat and clean)
  •  Men
    • Appropriate dress includes something that correlates with chosen field of work. Wearing a nice, pressed shirt with slacks and nice, clean shoes can make a great first impression.
  • Women
    • Appropriate dress includes but not limited to slacks or skirt with a button up or nice blouse, closed-toe, neutral colored shoes, etc. A nice, professional dress is also appropriate. When in doubt, dress conservatively.

The Interview

On the day of your interview, showing up on time is a must. We recommend our interviewees to show up 10-15 minutes early to make sure the proper paper work is completely filled out. We believe that preparation is one of the major keys to a successful interview. During the interview be prepared to discuss your experience, education, and career goals.

Computer Assessments

With manufacturing, clerical, light industrial, warehouse, and production positions there is the possibility of requiring further assessments/tests on the computer that might further improve your chances of getting the job you are interested in. This also helps us verify that candidates’ computer competence can be evaluated.

We’re here to help you get a job. If you need to enhance your skills, we offer tutorials at no charge.

After The Interview

Once you have completed the interview process, your Nelson Personnel consultant will market you to one or more prospective employers. Consultants will act as your “agent,” assisting you through the rest of the process of finding a job, including:

  • Arranging and preparing you for interviews
  • Contacting references
  • Communicating with and marketing you to potential employers
  • Managing the entire job offer process
  • Assisting with any negotiating that might be needed

Now that you know about us and how we work, take a look at our current openings!

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