Q: Now that I’m signed up as an employee, what happens from here?

A: Now that you have filled out the paperwork and completed the safety training required, you are officially a Nelson Personnel employee! From here, when we have jobs available that we think you would be a good fit for, we will call you! We also encourage you to call us on Monday’s to be put on the call-in list. This will let us know your availability and keep the lines of communication open. Please see our manual for more of our policies and procedures.


Q: When are timesheets due?

A: To make sure you get paid on time, timesheets are due EVERY MONDAY by 9 AM. This is the only day that our accountant comes in to process payroll and then she is done for the rest of the week. We do not make exceptions for this policy.


Q: Can I have someone to pick up my check on payday if I am not available?

A: You can have someone else pick up your check. All you need to do is fill out a payroll permission form, permitting someone else to pick up your check. That individual will need to show identification in order to pick up the check.


Q: Do you have direct deposit?

A: This is something we are considering in the future, but right now, we do not offer direct deposit.


Q: How many hours do I have to work before I get hired on with my company?

A: It all depends on your circumstance. If you are a FT, temp-to-hire employee, the minimum number of hours you are required to work is 520. After that, you are eligible to roll over to the company’s payroll.


Q: Is it ok to decline a job?

A: It is “fine to decline,” as we know that not every job will be the right fit for everyone. While waiting for the “perfect job” might hinder your chances of finding work, if there is a schedule confliction or whatever the case may be, it is ok to decline. You are not obligated to accept every assignment, but we rely upon you to complete each one you do accept (see employee manual for more details).


Q: If I need a day off or have an appointment, what is the protocol?

A: Avoid outside appointments or interviews while on assignment except during your lunch break, before or after work. If there is an instance that conflicts with your assignment, please call our office and let us know so that arrangements can be made.


Q: If I am injured at work, what do I do?

A: Nelson Personnel is your employer and we need to know immediately if injury takes place. Failure to report immediately will have an effect on our procedure. From there, we will have you fill out an accident report, giving us the details of the injury. If medical attention is needed, call the Nelson Personnel office at 406-543-6033. To learn more about the procedure of reporting an injury, see our manual.





For any other questions, you can submit a contact form HERE, or you can reference to our Employee Manual.