Are you an employer looking for personnel services? Let Nelson Personnel help you! Nelson Personnel is a full service personnel company that provides temporary, temp-to-hire, regular placements, as well as direct and executive recruiting.

Start by contacting our office with your personnel needs and a complete job description for the position you are looking to fill.  In addition, we ask that you provide us information about your office environment, the company culture, personalities of the people, etc. We have found that matching skills is rather simple but it’s the personality that can determine a successful match.

The following are brief descriptions of the types of employment services we offer:


Utilizing this service allows for your company to be more competitive in the market place whether it’s a special project, vacation, maternity leave, etc. You can request temporary employees on an “as-needed” basis. Your assignment may last one day (there is a 4 hour minimum requirement for each employee), several weeks, or any other amount of time. Nelson Personnel will provide you with the number of employees with the required skill set for that particular assignment.


This hiring method is used more often by corporate America to insure that the candidate selected is a good fit for your company. An individual working temp-to-hire is required to work a minimum of 520 hours (approximately 3 months) with an employer before being eligible to roll over to company payroll. Nelson Personnel will be responsible for completing any tax documents for employment (including the W2 at the end of each fiscal year), processing individual’s payment, as well as taking care of any other administrative paperwork. In the case that the employee does not work out, Nelson Personnel will release the employee from employment.

Direct Placements

With our direct placement service, rather than using the temp-to-hire program working 520 hours a week with Nelson Personnel, the selected candidate would be hired directly with an employer. This process might require some recruiting and pre-screening, which is part of the services we provide. Once there is a job offer and acceptance, the candidate will go to work on the designated company’s payroll. Please inquire for a quote!

Executive Recruiting

Sometimes we have to recruit candidates locally and out of state to find top talent for our clients. We search all over for individuals who have a great resume and can offer great experience. Using our expertise, we reach out to local job seekers and tell them about our opportunities. With local recruitments, we go through the application and prescreening process. In the event that we find a candidate interested but does not live in Missoula, we can set up a phone or skype interview. If a recruited candidate accepts an offered position, we will proceed the same as a “direct placement.”

The Job Order

Once you (the client) are ready to proceed in filling a position with us and agreements are met, we will confirm specific information about the open position and create a job order! A “job order” is our term for an open position that we need candidates for. With the information and required skill sets you provide, we will cross-examine our pool of candidates to find a potential match. From here, we send your company resumes of individuals to consider and interview. Finally, once you make your decision, we handle all of the new-hire paperwork!

Satisfaction & Performance Checks

Here at Nelson Personnel, we do our best to ensure that both you and your Nelson Personnel employee(s) are satisfied. We will stay in contact with you and will periodically call to do a performance check to make sure everything is going well. If there are any conflicts or issues, we want to know so that we can help find a solution. We also value outstanding employees and appreciate any feedback from employers in regards to our employee’s performance.


Our employees are paid bi-weekly. We invoice weekly for each work week and upon receiving your invoice, terms are net 15 days.

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